Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Expendables

Oh 80's action movies, you're always so over exaggerated in every way; from the rocket powered grenade launches to the unnecessary corny one liners.
So i went and saw the latest big action flick out, The Expendables and knew not to expect much, hoping that it wouldnt end up as an overblown, pretentious superflic and thank god i didnt expect too much. The movie was AWESOMELY wicked if you disregard the storyline and lame sidestory romance parts with Jason Strathom.
Their were many cameos such as Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger who didnt really do much for the movie though were interesting to see.
And of course what would the movie be without overpowered weapons! and boy was their many. I'd recommend that if you watch this movie, go in without any expectations of great acting, or realistic destruction and think of it as what it is, a brainless movie about guys with big guns blowing shit up.


  1. Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow!

  2. brainless movie about guys with big guns blowing shut up. damn, that sounds awesome. i'm gonna watch it asap. i'll follow you.

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  3. yeah its even got a few references to rambo lol

  4. the film was exactly how its meant to be, and randy couture was funny as fuck.

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  5. don't you fear chuck? the doll and the norris xD

  6. worst storyline but good action ay
    love shown