Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Expendables

Oh 80's action movies, you're always so over exaggerated in every way; from the rocket powered grenade launches to the unnecessary corny one liners.
So i went and saw the latest big action flick out, The Expendables and knew not to expect much, hoping that it wouldnt end up as an overblown, pretentious superflic and thank god i didnt expect too much. The movie was AWESOMELY wicked if you disregard the storyline and lame sidestory romance parts with Jason Strathom.
Their were many cameos such as Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger who didnt really do much for the movie though were interesting to see.
And of course what would the movie be without overpowered weapons! and boy was their many. I'd recommend that if you watch this movie, go in without any expectations of great acting, or realistic destruction and think of it as what it is, a brainless movie about guys with big guns blowing shit up.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fable 3 - Collectors?

So the new fables coming out and looks like its going to have a pretty smick collectors edition. I wonder if itll be worth getting it for the extra $30 or so :/ but seriously it comes with a book binding and a deck of cards, how could i resist. I've also still got to get dead rising 2 and fallout: new vegas, so much for saving for a car.

Hm is anyone else thinking of getting the collectors edition?

Tera Melos

Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats

I recently discovered this band, they're such an interesting band. The new album they released is fantastic, so technical in every aspect and yet very coherent. Although different to what i usually listen to, i still feel i should post about them, i can tell they've put alot of dam effort into this album. I'd say if dillinger escape plan and fall of troy had a baby, than that baby decided to incorporate indie into the mix of technicality, this is what whould be achieved. But seriously, check them out

Eleventh He Reaches London

Eleventh He Reaches London - The Good Fight For Harmony

Now this band is amazing. Though i wouldn't suggest listening to them in a happy mood, they're best suited for the days where you're feeling quite despairing. They come from Perth in Australia, probably my favourite Aussie band but sadly noone knows who they are. If you're going to listen to this album; i recommend listening to it from start to finish, its just one of those albums that shine as a whole.

(get it on itunes)

Victor! Fix the Sun

Victor! Fix The Sun

These guys are another awesome band, much more post-hardcore but very original. I just love the guitar in We come from the northwoods. I recommend them if your into la dispute or just any non-bad music.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde - The Old Road

This is one of the best screamo bands ive ever heard, they incorporate alot of post-rock into there sound to create something amazing, in fact the lyrics in the second half of the song post-youth are what this blogs named after. The album "The Old Road" is phenomenal, i highly recommend checking it out. Plus they're Scottish!

Australian Music Scene

Well i'd like to share my feelings on Australia's music scene. I feel its lacking in pretty much every aspect, every band that reaches popularity are either generic metalcore (cough, cough Parkway Drive, i killed the prom queen), or crap that has nearly no talent at all aka Hilltop Hoods/Bliss N Eso, but don't even get me started on hip hop.
However i feel that this is a characteristic of Australia's entertainment culture in general. Take Australian films for example, oh Australian films; what can i say about you. 90% of the movies that are made in Australia are complete banal trite, take for example the movie Kenny. The movie with the guy who cleans shit. This is how its recognized by most people i know, like sure its a mockumentary but is it really the best our country can come up with?
Heres a list i stole from wikipedia listing the top 10 grossing australian films.

List of highest-grossing Australian movies

  1. Crocodile Dundee - $44.7m
  2. Australia - $36.78m
  3. Babe - $36.77m
  4. Happy Feet - $31.8m
  5. Moulin Rouge! - $27.7m
  6. Crocodile Dundee 2 - $24.9m
  7. Strictly Ballroom - $21.8m
  8. The Dish - $18m
  9. The Man From Snowy River - $17.2m
  10. The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert - $16.50
Hmmm... really? we have 2 movies about a false australian stereotype in the top 10, an inaccurately portrayed movie about our own country and a movie about a cross dresser. Do i need say more?

Well theirs my rant but now id like to bring attention to some positive stuff. I found two bands recently that ive grown quite fond of. One being the up and coming Dead Letter Circus that i first heard thanks to Triple J. They play quite a unique blend of progressive rock mixed with ambience and post rock. I would probably compare them to a much better version of Karnivool. Go and check out there new album This Is The Warning.

Another band which i found by luck is 'Eleventh He Reaches London' originating from Perth. Hard to categorize id say they are post hardcore/screamo from their first album, however the second album took a giant step in the other direction, holding a more folk/country sound mixed in with their original sound. Not at all a negative attribute though, i really recommend checking these guys out.


(Bet you thought this was about the movie)
Well this will be my first ever blog entry though i doubt anyone will read this and will most likely become a forgotten undertaking on my half. Just thought id jump on the bandwagon and give this a try.

Alright, just some info on me, live in Australia, study game development at uni and love books, music and video games. This blog will include all my favorite music including new finds, artworks and any other cool things i feel like publishing on here.

What sort of music will you find on here... well anything I'm really into, mainly going to be music most people haven't heard of, well at least outside of the whole popular mainstream music bullshit. Chiefly music genre such as post-hardcore, screamo, post-rock, and experimental. None of that hipster crap that all the scene kids adore.