Thursday, September 2, 2010

Australian Music Scene

Well i'd like to share my feelings on Australia's music scene. I feel its lacking in pretty much every aspect, every band that reaches popularity are either generic metalcore (cough, cough Parkway Drive, i killed the prom queen), or crap that has nearly no talent at all aka Hilltop Hoods/Bliss N Eso, but don't even get me started on hip hop.
However i feel that this is a characteristic of Australia's entertainment culture in general. Take Australian films for example, oh Australian films; what can i say about you. 90% of the movies that are made in Australia are complete banal trite, take for example the movie Kenny. The movie with the guy who cleans shit. This is how its recognized by most people i know, like sure its a mockumentary but is it really the best our country can come up with?
Heres a list i stole from wikipedia listing the top 10 grossing australian films.

List of highest-grossing Australian movies

  1. Crocodile Dundee - $44.7m
  2. Australia - $36.78m
  3. Babe - $36.77m
  4. Happy Feet - $31.8m
  5. Moulin Rouge! - $27.7m
  6. Crocodile Dundee 2 - $24.9m
  7. Strictly Ballroom - $21.8m
  8. The Dish - $18m
  9. The Man From Snowy River - $17.2m
  10. The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert - $16.50
Hmmm... really? we have 2 movies about a false australian stereotype in the top 10, an inaccurately portrayed movie about our own country and a movie about a cross dresser. Do i need say more?

Well theirs my rant but now id like to bring attention to some positive stuff. I found two bands recently that ive grown quite fond of. One being the up and coming Dead Letter Circus that i first heard thanks to Triple J. They play quite a unique blend of progressive rock mixed with ambience and post rock. I would probably compare them to a much better version of Karnivool. Go and check out there new album This Is The Warning.

Another band which i found by luck is 'Eleventh He Reaches London' originating from Perth. Hard to categorize id say they are post hardcore/screamo from their first album, however the second album took a giant step in the other direction, holding a more folk/country sound mixed in with their original sound. Not at all a negative attribute though, i really recommend checking these guys out.

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