Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fable 3 - Collectors?

So the new fables coming out and looks like its going to have a pretty smick collectors edition. I wonder if itll be worth getting it for the extra $30 or so :/ but seriously it comes with a book binding and a deck of cards, how could i resist. I've also still got to get dead rising 2 and fallout: new vegas, so much for saving for a car.

Hm is anyone else thinking of getting the collectors edition?


  1. never got into fable. is it really that good?

  2. Alot of people give it shit because the lead designer Peter Molyneux gave everyone high expectations of awesome ideas and embellished the games for the previous 2 games, with alot of his ideas being scrapped from the final game. But the games really are quite good, though not my favourites. That title would probably go to final fantasy 8 and shadow of colossus. Went and pre-ordered it today, hope its good!